Virtual Avatars, Self-Care and Mirror Feedback

“Although the most basic needs might get the most attention when you don’t have them, you don’t need to fulfill them in order to get benefits [from the others].” Even when we are hungry, for instance, we can be happy with our friends.” -Diener, 2011

“They’re like vitamins, we need them all.”

So when I say I want to talk about neglect, what am I talking about?

“Neglecting the importance of self care can lead to you truly forgetting who you are. What your dreams and goals were. What you always thought your purpose in life was.

And it’s incredibly disheartening.” —

“I coach a number of people, 1-on-1 and in small and large groups — and pretty much everyone I meet is hard on themselves in some way. In some kind of stress and pain. Disappointed in themselves, angry at themselves, constantly feeling inadequate. […]

This affects everything in our lives. It makes us more stressed, less happy, anxious, depressed, stuck, procrastinating, less happy in relationships, less focused, more likely to reach for comfort foods or distraction or shopping to comfort ourselves from the stress and pain of being who we are.

But if we could give ourselves love, it would start to heal all of this. Everything could shift. We could deal with uncertainty and chaos and difficulty in a much more resilient way.

PEST analysis

A core sense of unpredictability further aggravates anxieties. The North Korea summit is on. No wait, it is off. Oh, maybe now it is back on. Dreamers? Trump wants “a bill of love.” Or is it a wall and an end to what he calls “chain migration”?

“The app is all about emotion, and it’s you, and you’re expressing all these emotions.”
Conceptual Mind Map

Danny is having a hard time lately doing the things he needs to do, even basic stuff like taking out the trash or brushing his teeth. His phone is always nearby though. He found ItMe! avatars shared on a depression subreddit and downloads it. He customizes it the way he likes, fills out an initial survey on what he’s struggling with and sets periodic reminders.

Mara is a therapist with youth clients. Session can sometimes be tough as some clients either don’t want to talk about themselves or don’t have the vocabulary to articulate how they’re feeling. Mara uses ItMe! as a way to connect to her younger clientele, who are more comfortable and responsive with the interactive storytelling when it’s about their ItMe!’s than when the attention is directly focused on them.


The Product Idea

You are the Tamagotchi.

👻 — ItME! — 👻



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